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Why choose Goldstone?

We do things differently here at Goldstone Gym & Fitness. We are genuinely interested in you and your fitness goals. So if you are looking to gain muscle tone, lose weight, increase muscle size and definition, gain energy, maximise your stamina and endurance or just gain a good level of fitness and feel happier and healthier, then Goldstone is the right Gym for you.

Our Staff

One thing that often irritates gym users is unfriendly and unhelpful gym staff! Here at Goldstone, our staff members are not just highly qualified and knowledgeable, but also friendly, approachable and fun! They all have a keen personal interest in keeping fit or playing sports so can relate to you and your needs. We also have a full time Personal Trainer on staff, available for when you need that ono-to-one motivation.

Gym Induction

Never used a gym before? Nervous or unsure about what to do? Don’t Worry! Once you become a member we suggest you book in for a gym induction straight away, using our Timetable in the member area. A member of staff will fully induct you into the gym. This means they will walk you through the gym floor explaining all the machines and equipment, how to use them correctly, what they do, and how to maintain proper technique.

Personal Fitness Assessments

We apologise in advance, but we are going to test you. Optional of course! We all need a starting point and it is important to know what your beginning level of fitness is. For a small fee, we give our members rigorous one-to-one personal fitness assessments which begin on joining, with re-assessments every 6-8 weeks if desired. We sit down and discuss the results with you, talk about your own personal goals and then create a personalised training program, designed to achieve your goals. The re-assessments help to track your progress and allow us to change and upgrade your training program as you get fitter and see the results you want!

FREE Fitness Classes

Says exactly what it means! Our standard fitness classes are FREE to members. We offer a wide variety of classes throughout each day including, Body Sculpt, Boxercise, Total Tone, Spinzone, Circuit Training and TRX. Classes give you an extra option and help you add variety to your training program – and they can be fun too! Classes can only be booked online.

Opening Hours:

Mon:  6:00 am  - 10:00 pm 

Tue:   6:00 am  - 10:00 pm

Wed:  6:00 am  - 10:00 pm

Thur:  6:00 am  - 10:00 pm

Fri:     6:00 am  -   9:00 pm

Sat:    8:00 am  -   7:00 pm

Sun:   9:00 am  -   6:00 pm

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