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Food is Fuel - Fuel Powers our Car – Food powers our Body!

Food is Fuel - Fuel Powers our Car – Food powers our Body!

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Short and Long Term Effects of Not Eating/Hydrating Properly

Short Terms effects include low blood sugar levels. If this happens you will feel dizzy and nauseous and could possibly faint which then increases the risk of serious injury to you and others around you. It can increase fatigue and muscle cramping during the workout.


Long Term Effects: if you continually restrict your diet by not eating properly when exercising you will burn more muscle and organ tissue, which can then lead to long term health problems.

When & What to Eat Before Exercise

When & What to Eat Before Exercise


Ideally you should aim to eat at least 2 hours before exercise.
If exercising very early in the morning then have a quick snack about 20-30 mins before exercise. Liquid meals are digested in the stomach faster!


Drink Water - Hydration is vital - aim to drink at least 250ml 30 Mins before and sip water throughout your workout.
Eat easily digestible carbs such as:

  • Fruit - Banana, handful of grapes, apple
  • Healthy Grains - Wholegrain cereals and breads, oatmeal
  • Shakes/ Smoothies – made with fresh fruits, green vegetables and/or greek yoghurt
  • Sports Drink


Eating foods that have a lot of fat or fibre content as they are slow to digest therefore remain in the stomach for a long time and may cause cramping and discomfort


Blog by Michelle Whelan - A full time Instructor at Goldstone Fitness Waterford.

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