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Frequently Asked Questions

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Goldstone Gym & Fitness is one of the biggest gyms in Ireland, offering state of the art equipment and facilities over 32,000 sq ft of floor space. All designed with our members in mind. Our bright, modern and very spacious gym offers everything you need, whether you're a first time exerciser or regular fitness fanatic!

  • How do I join Goldstone Gym & Fitness?

    It’s a really simple registration process and it’s all handled here on our website or via kiosks located at the entrance to our gym. Joining Goldstone will take you 5 minutes tops! There are no contracts so you don't have to flip through lots of pages while standing at the reception desk area (as we don't have that either)! All you need is some basic personal details like name, address, email & mobile phone number and then your bank card for payment. Watch this quick video on How to Join & Register:

  • What do you mean by “no contract” for pay monthly members?

    If you join for the year and pay upfront, then you get the best price! If you need flexibility, then our pay monthly option comes with “no contract”. This means that we don't require the signing of any paperwork, so you're not contractually tied to Goldstone for any specified period of time. In fact, you'll only ever pay for one month at a time by paying by credit/debit card direct debit for as long as you want to be a member of Goldstone. You can give up your membership at any time within the Members Area of our website, and if you do the next payment for membership will not be debited from you bank account. Do what suits you best!

  • I’ve joined Goldstone Fitness. How do I sign into my online account?

    After joining online, click "Member Login", on the top-right corner of our website. Enter the email address that you used when joining in to the “Login” text box, and the temporary password we sent you during the registration process in the “Password” text box. If you don't see an email with a temporary password in your inbox, check your junk/spam/other folders. If you don't see an email with a temporary password in your junk/spam/other folders, go back to the “Member Login” page and click “Forgot your password?”. A new temporary password will be generated and sent to your email address. Still having problems? Contact us at: join@goldstonefitness.ie

  • How do I enter the building if there’s no reception and no membership card?

    We offer an amazing innovative solution for access to Goldstone: We use finger image readers located at the entrance. After you join, you simply go to the kiosks at reception and register your finger. From then on, you simply place your finger on the reader at the entry doors and you come in to train. This means no more pesky cards that get lost, left at home, get broken or left on the other set of keys – making life and access to the gym even easier. For speed, check out this quick video on How to Join & Register:

  • Can I pay by cash for my membership?

    We don't have a cash option. We have embraced innovative technology and don't have a reception desk at the entrance to our gym. All payments must be made automatically online or at the kiosks in reception, using your bank/credit card.

  • Will I be charged for cancelling my pay monthly membership?

    No. You can give up your pay monthly membership at any time, using the members area on our website. Just login, cancel, and the next debit will not be collected from your bank account. If you plan to temporarily break your exercise schedule, e.g. due to a journey abroad, you may consider freezing your membership for the teeny tiny fee of only €5 per month. If you cancel your membership and look to re-join in future, the joining fee will apply again.

  • Does automatic payments mean a contract and the requirement to be a member for a set period of time?

    No. Automatic payments do not mean you have to sign a contract with us - your membership simply rolls over from month to month as long as you wish to be a member – which is forever because we’re awesome! You may stop your membership at any time without penalty and the next payment will not be debited from your bank account. You do this yourself in the member area online. Simply login to your account and press the cancel button.

  • I’m having trouble using my bank card?

    Our automatic payment system works using your bank card. You will need to have a visa debit bank card (previously laser) or credit card for payments to work. An atm only bank card will not work and please make sure your card is able to make online purchases. Please also make sure your card details are up to date and if your card is lost/stolen or a new card is issued by your bank, please make sure to login to the member area online and update it with your new card details.

  • What should I do if my card transaction is rejected?

    Before you contact your bank please check if: 1. Your card is still valid / in-date; 2. You haven’t been issued a new bank card and didn’t update our system; 3. All the card details entered are correct. If not, then you will need to check with your bank.

  • What equipment is available at Goldstone Fitness?

    We literally have 100’s of pieces of equipment. From mutiple cardio machines such as treadmills, steppers, stairmasters, cross trainers & rowers, to a wide variety of resistance machines for every body part. We boast the best free weights areas, full of olympic bars, muti racks, benches, squat racks, bumper plates and lots of dumbbells. The heaviest dumbbell is 60 kg. Here's a quick snapshop of the club:

  • What is your heaviest dumbbell?

    Dumbbells go from 1 kg to 60 kg...and we have LOTS of them!

  • I have a health issue, can i still exercise?

    Yes, but it will depend on your condition and medical clearance may need to be provided by your doctor. We have specialised staff that can help you and members are regularly referred to us by their doctor. If you have a specific medical issue, please email the details in confidence to join@goldstonefitness.ie and attach a copy of your doctor/physio clearance letter to this email.

  • Is there free wi-fi at goldstone?

    There is currently no members wi-fi at the club.

  • Can I bring a guest to Goldstone?

    Yes of course. They just need to buy a 1 day gym pass online or at the kiosk (at reception) and are welcome to do this an unlimited amount of times. Guests can attend a class and/or use the gym floor during their visit. If bringing a guest to a class, please make sure they book in for the class online before attending.

  • Does Goldstone have a swimming pool?

    No. Our moto is “If you don’t swim, we’re your gym”. We are all about providing the best possible gym & fitness centre at the lowest possible price. You come to us to get fit and to acheive your goals. We leave the fluffy stuff like spa treatments and jacuzzi's to others.

  • Is there a sauna & changing rooms?

    Yes we have seperate male and female changing rooms with saunas in each for added comfort. We provide showers and lockers inside the changing rooms. Members use the lockers only when in the building and a padlock is required for locking. You can bring your own or we sell padlocks in our vending machines. Shower gels or shampoo are not provided in the showers.

  • Do I need to book a gym induction and is there a cost?

    The gym induction timetable can be found in the members area on our website where you can book a slot convenient for you to attend. A gym induction is free! We do recommend that you book a gym induction, so that you get the most out of your visits to Goldstone Fitness. Nevertheless, the induction is not compulsory. We do ask that you familiarise yourself with the rules of the club and to take note of the fire exits in the building.

  • Can I "freeze" my membership?

    Yes! If you are a Pay Monthly member, you can freeze and unfreeze your membership at any time in the Member Area online. There is a cost of €5 per month for this and you can freeze for an indefinite period of time. Please make sure to freeze a minimum of 1 day in advance of your next payment when going away. The freeze will last for 30 days at a time and will automatically roll over each month until you unfreeze. When you unfreeze, the €29 is taken immediately as you are always paying in advance for your membership usage. Of course you can freeze for free for genuine medical reasons, pregnancy, etc. A doctors cert or letter will be required for this. Please email join@goldstonefitness.ie giving your name, address & reason for seeking to freeze and attach a doctor/physio cert/letter to this email (image jpeg, pdf or word doc. only). So, if you have the cert/letter but don’t have access to a computer, just take a picture of it with your phone and email it.

  • Is personal training available at Goldstone Fitness?

    Yes! We have full time personal trainers available in house. You can find out more and book a PT session by clicking the “Personal Training” tab on the website. Each PT is freelance and sets his/her own rates, so contact them directly for a quote.

  • Can I get a Personalised Fitness Program?

    Yes. Our Personal Trainers do this. Simply contact one of the PT's and they will arrange a time that suits you. Programs involve two meetings. The first is a consultation about your goals, etc. The second is a one on one on the gym floor, going through your printed program in detail and showing you how to do each exercise, proper technique & correct machine usage. This costs only €20 per individual program.

  • Can I trial the gym or take a tour before joining?

    Yes of course. You can purchase a one-day pass (valid for the date you set) from our website by clicking "Join Now" and selecting the “1 Day Gym Pass” option. This will allow you to enter the building and use the clubs facilities to try before you buy, this also covers access to fitness classes. So why not try a class out too? Watch this quick video on How to Join & Register:

  • I heard your fitness classes are FREE! – is that true?

    Yep, our fitness classes are free for members and always have been. Once you join Goldstone Fitness you can book any fitness class you like, free and unlimited.

  • What age do I need to be to join?

    Due to insurance reasons, you must be 16 years old before becoming a member. Outside of that, you’re welcome at any age - because you’re never too old to keep fit and active.

  • Is there water available at the club?

    Water is sold in the multiple vending machines at the club. There is no water fountains available, so please bring your own water if not purchasing some.

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